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Hector MacMillan Technician     Playwright     Luthier Honorary President: Scottish Society of Playwrights

Honorary Fellow: Association For Scottish Literary Studies

“If we investigate only by physical and chemical means, we can only get physical and chemical answers.”

Sir Alister Hardy, FRS

The Gay GorbalsThe Gay Gorbals by Hector MacMillans

Written on spec. Bought by Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh. Premiere 1976, director Chris Parr.

A serious comedy with specially-shot film and songs integrated around an attempt to establish a Gay Club in Glasgow’s Gorbals district. Submitted, unsuccessfully, to a play-writing competition organised by the Citizens’ Theatre in Glasgow.

"I doubt if any new play has provoked such hilarity at the Traverse" The Observer

"a romp of a play .. robust and earthy comedy" Glasgow Herald

"the flow of song, dance, sardonic humour and good-natured fun becomes irresistible" The Scotsman

"a happy play, written by a craftsman" The Stage.

"stale beyond belief .. production is as square and old-fashioned as the play deserves" Financial Times