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Hector MacMillan Technician     Playwright     Luthier Honorary President: Scottish Society of Playwrights

Honorary Fellow: Association For Scottish Literary Studies

“If we investigate only by physical and chemical means, we can only get physical and chemical answers.”

Sir Alister Hardy, FRS

Highest in the Forest

Commissioned by BBC Radio. Broadcast 1982, director Maryllin Ireland.

The play tells the story of Eilidh Mairi MacGriogair, now long a widow, as she awaited news of the fate of her youngest son, Robin Og, on trial for his life in Edinburgh. Robin Og was the son born after events when she was evicted from Craigrostan. Robin Og, youngest son of Rob Ruadh MacGriogair, was hanged in Edinburgh.

Out in the Open

Commissioned by STV, 1982, director Robert Love.

“Wise and kindly .. always tempered by humour” Daily Express.

The Personal Touch

Commissioned by STV. Director Roger Tucker. Broadcast 1985

“Diverting, funny .. but scarcely credible” Daily Express.

“Another good play” Glasgow Evening Times